The Ultimate Digital Mortgage Experience
The Ultimate Digital Mortgage Experience



Mortgage is rated as one of the top 3 most stressful moments in the lifetime of 80% of the western civilization population. BCR – part of the ERSTE group – asked QUALITANCE to break the paradigm of time-consuming, paper-heavy mortgages and help customers move into the home of their dreams faster and stress-free.


QUALITANCE committed to transforming the mortgage experience into a smooth, transparent digital journey that would delight customers and relieve them from wasting precious time and energy.

Our mission was complex and challenging: we wanted to simplify the mortgage loan process for both customers and bank employees, but also for notaries and sellers. All this while designing a scalable modern architecture that integrated seamlessly with the core banking systems.


We started with 4 product design sprints that culminated with a 48-hour rapid prototyping workshop. We put together the Product Playbook and then started building the technology: web, iOS and Android apps.

We systematically de-risked the product market-fit by continuously testing product and user behavior assumptions with customers and potential customers throughout the entire product development process.

We accelerated the creation of the BCR/ERSTE mortgage experience by building on top of our Paperless Service platform – reusing technology, design, and UX assets.


The MVP was ready to go live in less than 3 months, and the fully scalable product in less than 6 months.

The average time of the mortgage loan approval was reduced by 1 week – which is more than 25%, and the average customer bank visits dropped from 10 to 4. Two months after the GA release, the platform prides on zero downtime, zero bugs, and several thousands of active users.

While the average SUS score is 68, the BCR/ERSTE mortgage experience received an 81.9 SUS score – ranking as Excellent. Additionally, this usability study ranked our application in Top 25% of its scores.



iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin), Java & Spring Boot microservices, Angular 6, CI/CD, Websockets, REST, Oracle DB.

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