Rapid prototyping, at the core of the next-gen software development

on March 20, 2015

Over 150 Cybernetics students attended our Spring IT workshop, where four members of the QUALITANCE team developed live, in only two hours, a mobile app, using a revolutionary methodology - rapid prototyping - and last-generation technology frameworks:...

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on July 2, 2014

Since kicking off our Community Empowerment programme in 2010, one of the main goals of our team has been to add value to the technology and business community in Romania. And now we're launching yet another initiative within Community Empowerement - QUALITALKS, a series of tech talks dedicated to the Romanian tech community and starring top tech professionals we are currently working with.  QUALITALKS will offer the perfect opportunity for Romanian tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and decision makers to be connecting with international experts behind the latest technology trends -experts...

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Black box techniques

by Alexandru Nicolescu
on April 28, 2014

In this article I’ll explain some of the black box testing techniques that I applied during the testing projects I was involved into: equivalence partitioning, boundary value analysis and state transitioning testing.  

What is black-box testing?

Black-box testing, also called behavioral testing, focuses on the functional requirements of the software. Black-box testing enables the software engineer to derive sets of input conditions that will fully exercise all functional requirements of a program. Black-box testing is not an alternative to white-box techniques. Rather, it is...

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Data Warehouse – Concepts and Testing

on April 14, 2014

Data Warehouse is where data from different source systems are integrated, processed and stored. It is a non-production data, which is mainly used for analyzing and reporting, in order for management team to make important business decisions. Non-production data is represented  by data that is not used by a certain sector of a business, but is a necessary data for the entire business to grow and to adapt to the new conditions. For example, a retailer might be interested in customer buying habits,...

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Web Testing – PART 2

by Sebastian Neacsu
on March 25, 2014

In the previous post, we talked about Functionality Testing and Usability attributes as per ISO 9126. Moving further, today we’re going to fathom Performance Testing. Performance Testing is - in general - testing performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. In web performance, testing web site functionality on different...

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Web Testing – PART 1

by Sebastian Neacsu
on March 19, 2014

More and more complex applications are developed using web technologies. And since we are always on track with what's what in the testing industry, we came up with a series of articles that guide you through the entire web testing process. The software testing of the web applications, also known as web testing, is focusing on the applications that are accessed through a browser. The main issues are related to the functionality, usability, performance and security of the website.


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Introduction in Python

by Anonymous
on March 10, 2014

“Beautiful is better than ugly. Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. Readability count…” The Zen of Python – PEP20  Python was the language we spoke at our previous Technical Workshop @Q backed by Cristin Iosif. Our colleague dedicated this subject three presentation sessions with the purpose to enlarge the programming portfolio used by the Q team. These sessions will cover three areas, as follows:

  1. Python overview, core concepts and...
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Public Speaking Workshops @Q

on February 27, 2014

În  2013, am inițiat primul modul de dezvoltare personală și profesională pentru echipa Q – Public Speaking Workshops, prin care ne-am propus îmbunătățirea tehnicilor de prezentare. Am organizat astfel un training intern de Public Speaking cu desfășurare în trei module. Primul modul, încheiat anul trecut, s-a axat pe două direcții - Tips&Tricks în Public Speaking și o prezentare non tehnică,  cu o temă la alegere, realizată de participanți. Subiectele au fost diverse: Programare sociala – Cristina Constantin, We are not alone – Bogdan Cicoiu, Generatia Y – Iulia...

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SQL Rank Function

by Silviu Cernat
on December 11, 2013

You get yourself into a situation like: you have to delete a certain row from each group of rows, but it is not by a maximum value and not by a minimum value, but more like second to last.

Your table would look like this, and you would like to delete the second to last row, ordered by date, from each department id.

Client_id Department_id...
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Cloud Computing

by Carmen Pascalache
on December 3, 2013

As a metaphor for the Internet, "the cloud" is a familiar cliché, but when combined with "computing," the meaning gets bigger and fuzzier. Some analysts and vendors define cloud computing narrowly as an updated version of utility computing: basically virtual servers available over the Internet. Others go very broad, arguing anything you consume outside the firewall is "in the cloud," including conventional outsourcing.

Cloud computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs: a way to increase capacity or add...

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